Common Transmission Issues And Addressing Them

22 May 2023
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Every vehicle owner will inevitably encounter transmission issues at some point in their driving experience. These problems can be frustrating and potentially costly if not addressed promptly.

Delayed Engagement 

Delayed engagement is a common issue when there is a hesitation or delay between shifting gears and the actual engagement of the gear. Low or degraded transmission fluid and worn internal components like clutch plates or seals can cause these issues.

Proper fluid levels and routine monitoring of the condition of the transmission fluid are necessary to prevent delayed engagement concerns in your vehicle's transmission system. Maintain a routine inspection schedule and quickly fix any leaks you find. Additionally, following your vehicle manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for servicing your transmission system is crucial.

Overheating Transmission

Overheating transmissions are another widespread issue that can significantly impact your vehicle's performance and lead to more severe damage if left unaddressed. Common causes include low fluid levels or poor-quality fluid resulting in inadequate lubrication. These issues can rapidly lead to an increase in the transmission's temperature.

Preventing an overheating transmission involves regular maintenance checks on your vehicle's cooling system and ensuring it operates efficiently. It's also important to maintain proper fluid levels with high-quality products designed specifically for transmissions. This helps reduce friction between moving parts inside while providing the necessary lubrication for smooth operation. Furthermore, avoid overloading your vehicle or frequently engaging in heavy towing activities that could put undue stress on the transmission system.

Torque Converter Problems

Torque converters are crucial components in the transmission system that transfer engine power to the wheels. Common symptoms of torque converter problems include slipping gears, shuddering, or an inability to accelerate effectively. Issues with torque converters can also lead to overheating transmissions because they generate excess heat when not functioning correctly.

If there is a developing problem with your vehicle's torque converter, it is essential to consult a professional mechanic who specializes in transmission repair. They can diagnose and fix any issues related to this critical component, which may involve replacement if deemed necessary by their assessment. While this is a major repair, it is crucial for keeping the transmission running correctly.

Shifting Issues While Driving Uphill Or Downhill

Shifting issues while driving uphill or downhill typically occur due to insufficient fluid pressure within the transmission system caused by low levels of fluid in general. Additionally, worn internal parts like clutch plates can cause slippage between gears resulting in jerky motions during gear changes under these conditions. Unfortunately, this is a very dangerous problem because it makes the vehicle behave unpredictably.

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