How To Tell When Your Car Needs Brake Service Or Repair

20 April 2023
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The brakes in your car or truck are consumable items, and eventually, they will need service to ensure they continue working correctly. Often there are signs that the brakes are wearing, and it is time to take the vehicle in for brake repair. 

Pulling Or Shaking 

One of the most common things you may experience when your car needs brake repair is handling issues. As you apply the brakes, the worn pads do not put the same amount of pressure on the brake rotors, and the car may pull to one side or begin the shake as you push harder on the pedal. 

Both indicate a problem somewhere in the system and often replacing the pads and rotors will correct the problem, restoring proper brake operation. Sometimes, the brake rotor can warp from heat, and the issue will worsen.

Most brake repair shops can turn the rotors on a lathe, removing some of the material to make the rotor true or replacing them for you while they have the car in the shop. 

Squeaking Or Grinding Noise

New noises coming from the brakes when you apply them are also common indicators of a problem that needs repair. As the brakes wear, the metal backing plate on the pads can be exposed and start to scrape on the brake rotors when you apply the brakes. 

The noise is often a loud grinding noise and should not be neglected. It indicates damage occurring as you use the brakes, and if the problem is not corrected immediately, it will cost more to repair later. 

Squealing Noises are often not as concerning but can be a sign of brake pad glazing or hardening. Glazing reduces the grip the brake pads have on the rotors and can reduce brake performance. 

The solution is often to replace the brake pads, and if glazing has been an ongoing problem for your vehicle, you may need to use a brake pad with higher heat resistance or look at why there is so much heat saturation in the system.

General Service

How often you need brake service depends on how you drive your car. Cars driving in stop-and-go traffic that require a lot of braking will typically need brake repair sooner than cars driven on the highway. 

The more you use the brakes, the more wear will occur, but any service shop that handles oil changes and other services on your vehicle can check the brakes while the car is in the shop. Have the pads and rotors inspected every other oil change, and you may avoid problems that could become costly brake repairs later.  

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