Need New Brakes? How To Go Through The Bedding Process Of Breaking Them In

20 December 2022
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If it's time to get new brakes, the first thing you want to do is take your car to a repair shop. Using a repair service for your brakes is the best way to protect your car. It's also the best way to ensure a quality brake job. Once you have your brakes replaced, you'll need to take care of the bedding process. 

Brake bedding is the breaking-in process your brakes need to go through. There are a couple of reasons to break in your brakes. First, it gets your brakes ready for the road. Second, it makes sure your new brakes function properly. If you're not sure how to bed your brakes, read the list provided below. Here are four steps to help you through the process. 

Find a Stretch of Open Road

If you're going to bed your brakes, the first thing you need to do is find a good stretch of open road. You're going to go through a lot of starts and stops. An open road lets you do that without interfering with the flow of traffic. 

Fluctuate Your Car's Speed

Once you're on the open road, give your car some gas. You'll want to get up to a comfortable in-town driving speed. From there, take your foot off the gas, and gently apply the brake. Bring the speed down to a slow coasting speed. Before the car comes to a complete stop, put your foot back on the gas, and repeat the process. This helps heat the brake pads. It also provides a light protective coating for the rotors. 

Go Easy on the Brake Pedal

If you need to go heavy on the brake pedal to bring your car to a stop, don't wait to take your car to the repair shop. Once you've had the brakes replaced, you'll want to go easy on the brake pedal. You might not know this, but going too hard on the brake pedal can damage your new brakes. Instead, you want to apply even pressure to the brake pedal to bring your car to a stop. This is especially important while you're bedding your brakes. 

Keep Your Brakes Clean

Once you've bedded your new brakes, you'll want to keep them clean. This is especially important with regard to brake dust. Too much brake dust and road grime can interfere with your car's stopping power. To extend the life of your new brakes, clean your wheels and brakes each time you wash your car.

Reach out to a brake services shop to learn more.