Dealing With A Cracked Or Broken Windshield On You Vehicle

27 October 2022
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Windshield repairs can be frustrating to deal with, but if the crack in the glass is neglected, the potential for it to spread is much higher. A glass crack that blocks or passes through the driver's side of the windshield can be dangerous, especially when driving at night, so having a mobile auto glass repair service come and fix it is always the best option.

Small Cracks

One of the most common kinds of glass damage to vehicle windshields is small cracks from rocks or other small items that bounce up from the road. These cracks often also chip the glass allowing dirt and water to get into them, and over time the crack may start to spread.

Once the crack has started moving, it is tough to stop the progression, and windshield repair can quickly turn into a windshield replacement. Using a mobile auto glass repair service to repair the chip as soon as it happens is often the best way to save the glass and get a few more months or years from it.

There are some DIY windshield repair kits on the market, but the cost of a crack or chip repair is often very reasonable and has a higher chance of success. Using a mobile repair service allows you to get the repair done while you are working or relaxing at home and saves you from having to try to figure out the repair process. 

Large Cracks

When a windshield develops a crack that is longer than a few inches, the chance of it spreading is higher, and a windshield crack that spiderwebs out from a center point may mean the windshield will need replacing. A mobile auto glass repair service can replace the glass in your driveway, but if you are unsure if you need new glass or glass repair, have the tech check the glass damage for you and let you know what needs to be done.

If you have a chip or break that has not spread, filling the crack in the glass with a specifically designed resin will seal the glass, bond to the material around the crack, and hold the glass together. Once the resin cures, the finish will be transparent so you can see through it, and the area is challenging to find after the repair is complete. 

Windshield repair services can fix the crack very quickly and the resin will cure in a few hours, then harden overnight. Typically, you can drive the car in an hour or two after the repair, but check with the repair service to ensure you give the repair the best chance of success.   

Reach out to a windshield repair service to learn more.