Removing Small Dents And Dings From Your Car Or Truck Without Filling Or Repainting

24 February 2022
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Minor dents and dings in your vehicle's body can detract from the look and lower the value. Repairing minor dents used to mean filling them with body filler and repainting the area of the car that you fixed. Paintless dent removal now makes it possible to remove the dents and dings without damaging the car's finish or adding body filler to the sheet metal.

Dent Assessment

Paintless dent removal works in many cases to remove minor dents and dings from your car's sheet metal, but there are some instances that exclude repair using this method. Dents that have creases, dents that are missing paint, and deep dents that have warped the metal may not be a good fit. 

When you are considering using paintless dent removal, you first need to take your vehicle to a shop that offers it so they can look over the damage you have. Once the tech assesses the damage, they will be able to tell you if your vehicle is a good candidate for this service. If everything looks repairable, the tech will quote you a price for the work and schedule a time for you to bring the car in for repair. 

Removing The Dents

The first thing that needs to be done to prepare your car for repair is to wash it and remove any dirt or dust on the vehicle. The technician making the repairs needs to see the dent clearly, and paintless dent repair depends on lighting and reflections for the tech to assess the panel as they are working on it. 

A set of strong lights is placed near the car so reflections are created on the surface that the tech can use to determine when the panel is straight. Working from the inside of the vehicle, each dent is slowly pushed out using special tools designed for this work.

The tech will make tiny adjustments on the dents until the body panel is straight again and then move on to the next dent. The process is meticulous and requires the tech to continually check the dent as they are working to determine how much more movement is needed.

Once all the dents are removed, the vehicle is rechecked to ensure that there are no high spots in the sheet metal. It is also essential to check the paint around each dent to ensure no chipping occurred as the tech removed the dent.

If the job was done right and the tech took their time on each dent, you will be hard-pressed to find where the original dent was on the car. After the repair, the vehicle can be buffed and shined. 

Speak with an auto technician to learn more about paintless dent removal services