3 Critical Parts For An Off-Road Work Truck Build

20 October 2021
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Modifying a truck for heavy-duty off-road work can be a challenging but rewarding process. Choosing the best parts will help your crews stay safe in any condition while ensuring that they always have the gear they need to get the job done. There's almost no limit to the number of customizations you can make, but there are a few essential parts to consider, no matter the environment or job.

If you're just getting started with your build, check out these three essential items that every serious work truck needs before venturing too far from the beaten path.

1. Bullbars

If you've spent much time driving in suburban areas, you might think bullbars are little more than cosmetic items. While plenty of people treat these upgrades as a way to make their truck or SUV look "tough," they're nevertheless highly versatile pieces of safety gear. A good bullbar can keep your vehicle going even after a minor offroad collision.

Choosing the best bar requires some care, however. Stick to options that replace the front bumper since these provide better structural support and more durability. The angle of the bullbar's lower half matters, as well. A shallow bullbar can improve your truck's approach angle, allowing it to tackle steeper offroad inclines and giving it a chance to clear more significant obstacles.

2. Heavy-Duty Skid Plates

Heavy-duty skid plates are another piece of critical gear to protect your trucks from the unexpected. Skid plates come in multiple sizes and designs intended for numerous locations. You can install skid plates that cover the front lower portion of your engine bay, transmission, and rear differential.

These items essentially act as armor, protecting vital portions of your vehicle's drivetrain from impacts with rocks or other obstacles you may encounter while offroad. If your trucks operate in areas where they may encounter extremely rough or uneven terrain, these parts can act as relatively cheap insurance against potentially expensive damage.

3. Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are a simple yet easily overlooked part that can enhance the safety and usability of any work vehicle when operating off-road. Cargo nets help keep expensive gear and cargo in place, even while bouncing over uneven terrain or climbing steep inclines. While more expensive bed storage solutions exist, cargo nets are often more than capable of keeping gear safely stowed in off-road conditions.

While many modern trucks have excellent off-road capabilities, it's easy to miss the problems that can arise when using these vehicles for serious work on unpaved or poorly maintained roads. A few simple modifications can help keep your crews, trucks, and gear safe no matter where their jobs take them.

For more information on work truck parts reach out to an auto parts store near you.