3 Reasons To Choose A Truck Camper Over Van Life

17 September 2021
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Van life may be a popular trend on social media, but is it always the best option for modern adventurers and nomads? While the appeal of moving your home from place to place on a whim is undeniable, there are plenty of downsides to this lifestyle that rarely makes headlines. Likewise, the popularity of these social media influencers means that many people don't consider some viable alternatives.

Truck campers are one such excellent option for anyone looking to enjoy an adventurous lifestyle on the open road. If you haven't thought about buying a truck camper before, here are three reasons these vehicle modifications are worth considering over a custom van.

1. You Can Use An Existing Vehicle

Do you already own a truck? Then you've got a good portion of your costs already covered. While high-end truck campers don't come cheap, there are plenty of options for nearly any budget. More crucially, it's rare for all but the highest-end models to approach the price point of a fully custom conversion van. As a result, the cost of getting started is usually much lower than with a van.

You've also got more options for your vehicle. Typical conversion vans tend to be expensive both because of their popularity and because commercial delivery services use the same platforms. Truck campers aren't picky, however, and you can save money by purchasing a used truck or less popular truck model to reduce your costs.

2. Greater Capabilities and Versatility

If you want to take your road trips off-road, a truck will usually offer more versatility and better capabilities than a van. You can even modify your truck platform to turn it into an off-road beast, allowing you to take your camping trips well off the beaten path. Although some vans are off-road capable, a purpose-built truck will open far more opportunities for exploration.

Camper tops also have the advantage of being relatively light, which means you'll have most of your truck's power available for other uses. In other words, you can head off to the campsite while towing a boat or a storage trailer, and you don't need to worry about overworking a less powerful van's engine or transmission.

3. Easier Replacements and Upgrades

Replacing a camper van isn't cheap. If the vehicle no longer suits your needs, you'll be facing costly modifications or a complete replacement. With a camper truck, you can upgrade your accommodations without selling the truck. If you're just looking to dip your toes in the water, you can start with a relatively cheap camper top and upgrade later, after you fall in love with the nomadic lifestyle.

Reach out to a local auto service or auto dealer to learn more about truck campers.