Signs The Brakes On Your Vehicle Need Inspected

18 November 2019
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The brakes on your vehicle are one of the most important safety features you have direct interaction with while driving. This is a good thing because it gives you the ability to know when something is wrong and take it to get repaired. The important thing is that you pay attention and get the repair as soon as possible. Waiting for the situation to worsen increases the odds of a crash and serious injuries to you and anyone else in the car. Of course, you need to know what it is you should pay attention to, so here are the important things to always keep on your mind when driving.


While it may be normal to hear some squealing or squeaking when you hit the brakes when driving in the rain, it is not something you should hear otherwise. If you do hear it when you are sure the brakes are not wet, it is probably because the brake pads have worn thin and there is metal rubbing against metal when the brakes are applied. When you press on the brake pedal, the hydraulics move the pads to go against the brake discs to stop the wheels from turning, effectively stopping the car. When the brake pads get worn down from all the friction, the metal under them is all that is left and the metal will not stop the wheels as well, if at all.

Warning Light

Newer model cars are equipped with a warning light that lets you know when your brakes need servicing. Do not assume it is a light malfunction because you do not hear or feel anything is wrong when trying to stop. It is always best to assume there is a problem and have a mechanic inspect the brake system. If it was just a light problem, they can fix that easily and for little cost. However, if there is a problem with the brakes and you keep driving, you could be the cause of an accident. Always take your car's warning lights seriously and you will end up safer and pay less money for the repairs. 

Poor Response

If you notice that your car is taking longer to stop when you press the brake pedal it is time to have things inspected. Unfortunately, this may happen slowly, over time, so that you really do not notice. Take the time each month to do a brake test on your vehicle. Write down how hard you had to press the pedal to get the car to stop and how far it traveled before stopping. While it will change a bit each month, consider how much it has changed over a few months. Consider how comfortable you are when you need to stop quickly. If there is a big change, or you are uncomfortable, have the brakes inspected.


When you hit the brakes, the car should not veer to one side or the other. If this is happening, it is because the brakes on one side of the car are not working as well as the other side. This could be due to uneven wear on the pads, but it could also be a hydraulic problem. The best thing to do is to have a mechanic take care of the issue so you don't go sliding into the other lane and hit something.

Be careful how you drive. When you need to apply the brakes hard and fast a lot you are only damaging the pads. Take the time to start braking so that you come to a smooth stop instead of a head-snapping jerk. Not only will your passengers feel safer and not have to worry about whiplash, but it will keep your brakes in good shape for a longer time.

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