Choosing Brakes Pads For Your Car

3 April 2018
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Brake pads are available in different materials and forms for use in different situations, cars, and driving conditions. If you are in the market for brakes, here are some of the questions you should answer to help you buy the right ones:

Where Will You Be Driving?

Your driving terrain determines the amount of braking force you will be using on a regular basis. Sure, you can't predict exactly where you will be driving for the entire life of the car, but you can at least know your neighborhood's terrain or the kind of slopes and hills you experience when driving to and from work. If you expect a lot of mountains driving, then you need a brake pad that can handle the strains of braking on slopes, which is higher than braking on level surfaces.

What Is the Size of the Car?

You also need to consider the weight and size of the car. This is because it determines the amount of braking force needed to stop the car. This is why there are suitable brakes for different cars such as SUVs, pickup trucks, semis and other types of vehicles. This is also another reason you shouldn't swap brake pads from one car to another without proper evaluation.

What is the Nature of Your Driving?

Some people are known for aggressive driving while others are gentler behind the wheel; this should also determine the type of brake pads to install. For example, if you love speed and make frequent stops or shifting, then you need a sturdy brake system that can handle such kind of driving.

Will You Be Towing Anything?

One of the things that determine the braking force is the weight of the car. This includes the actual weight of the car plus any load it might be carrying or towing. Therefore, if you plan on towing a load most of the time, don't just use your car's weight to choose a brake pad; consider the weight of towing load too.

Do You Mind Brake Noise?

All brakes make a little noise when engaged, but the noises do not always reach the passenger cabin. However, some brake pads are noisier than others and may bother some people. Therefore, opt for quiet brakes if you are one of those people who shudder and cringe at the sound of squealing brakes.

Of course, all the different types of brake pads have their different pros and cons. Therefore, you need to know what is important to you and buy the brakes that offer it. Talk to an auto mechanic for further advice on how to choose brakes for your car.

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