3 Ways To Know Your Brakes Are Failing

5 November 2015
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Are you concerned about how well your brakes are going to hold up during this upcoming winter? Wet and icy roads can be extremely difficult to drive on, especially when your brakes aren't working properly. Brakes that aren't working properly can cause you to lose control of your car and prevent you from being able to brake before colliding with traffic ahead. To ensure you have control over your car when braking, you may need to take your brakes in for repairs, especially if you are dealing with the following:

Very Loud Metal Squeaking

When braking do you ever hear a loud, screeching sound? If so, this could be because your brakes are low. Once your brakes reach a very low level of padding, a metal plate is exposed, which causes this noise to occur. This metal plate is there initially to inform you that your brake pads need to be replaced, so be sure to check for this noise as it will allow you to replace your brake pads before they get really bad and cause potential damages to other components in your brake system.

Your Car Shakes When Braking

Though your car may ride smooth when you are accelerating, it may be a different story when you are braking. If your car shakes when braking and only when braking, it may be caused by having rotors that are warped. Brake pads need a flat surface to lock onto and because your rotors are warped, this can make it very difficult for your brakes to stick to your rotors, which can cause your vehicle to shake. 

Your Brakes Aren't Very Responsive

Do you find that you have to apply a lot of force to your brake pedal before it responds to your command? If so then it is likely that your brake fluid line is dirty and may have air bubbles, which can prevent your brakes from responding quickly. To ensure this isn't an issue when braking on icy or wet road conditions, you will want a mechanic to flush your fluid line and install new brake fluid.

Taking your car in for services when dealing with these issues can allow you to receive repairs before your brakes potentially get worse. Not only are these signs that your brakes need repairs but this will ensure you provide your car with the proper braking system so you can improve your car control while driving on wet and icy road conditions. For assistance, talk to a professional like Doc Able's Auto Clinic Inc.