3 Ways To Prevent Needing A Transmission Replacement

15 May 2015
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People often pay a lot of attention to the engine in the vehicle, but the transmission is often overlooked. Most people would not drive tens of thousands of miles without getting an oil change, but some people neglect to service their transmission according to the schedule in the owners manual. The transmission allows a vehicle to shift gears, and it also transmits power to the drive train. Like many car parts, a new transmission can be quite costly. You can avoid having to replace your transmission by using the following tips:

1. Don't Ignore Issues

If you drive your vehicle often you will get used to how it runs, so if you notice that your car is not shifting properly or not running well after being stopped while in drive, it is important to have it serviced as soon as possible. A transmission repair is typically much less expensive than replacing the whole part, so it is in your best interest to have your transmission looked at if you think there may be a problem. When getting your vehicle serviced, look for an auto repair shop that specializes in repairing transmissions.

2. Keep an Eye on Your Vehicle's Transmission Fluid Levels

A lot of people know that it is important to ensure that the oil level on your car is correct, but how often do you check the level of your transmission fluid? Transmission fluid is essential for keeping the parts of your transmission lubricated, and it also works as a coolant. In most vehicles the transmission fluid level can be checked with a dip stick, very similar to how you would check the oil level in your car. Consult your car's owners manual beforehand, and if your transmission fluid levels are low make sure that you either add transmission fluid yourself, or have a mechanic at a local auto repair shop do it for you.

3. Don't Skip Transmission Services

Oil changes are the norm for most vehicle owners, but transmission services may be overlooked. Transmission services are not required as frequently as oil changes, but they are extremely important. During a transmission service your vehicle's transmission fluid and the filter will be replaced, which can help extend the life of your vehicle's transmission. The service schedule for your vehicle can be found in your owners manual- don't skip this vehicle maintenance, as transmissions don't do well without clean transmission fluid and a filter that is clear of debris.