Choosing Brakes Pads For Your Car

3 April 2018
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Brake pads are available in different materials and forms for use in different situations, cars, and driving conditions. If you are in the market for brakes, here are some of the questions you should answer to help you buy the right ones: Where Will You Be Driving? Your driving terrain determines the amount of braking force you will be using on a regular basis. Sure, you can't predict exactly where you will be driving for the entire life of the car, but you can at least know your neighborhood's terrain or the kind of slopes and hills you experience when driving to and from work. Read More 

Diagnosing Car Electrical Problems

27 February 2018
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Electrical problems in your car could be caused by many factors that typically include voltage, resistance, and continuity. They may affect the battery, starter, or alternator. Here are a few common electrical problems and how to diagnose them. Dead Battery Your car battery feeds all the electrical components of your car. If it's not working, nothing else will. If you have an electrical problem, this is the first place to check. Read More