Valet Parking: Four Steps To A Seamless Service For Events

3 August 2019
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Who does not love valet parking? Virtually any location you go where there is valet parking, everyone wants their cars parked. It is a sign of refinement and wealth, and a convenience that is totally worth paying for. If you are considering creating a valet parking service for your next major social event, there are four steps you will need to take to ensure a seamless service for all who are attending this event. 

Hire Six Valets and "Vet" Them

Every person you hire to be a valet should have no criminal record, including auto thefts, and should be an insured driver. They should also have clean driving records, devoid of accidents in the past year (or longer). If you hire anyone that does not meet these standards, something could go awry, and that would not make for a pleasant evening. Also, you should hire at least a half dozen valets so that as cars pull up, guests are not waiting to get out, and all of the valets can be retrieving cars quickly at the end of the evening when everyone wants to go home. 

Get/Secure/Rent Enough Parking Space for the Event

If you already know in advance about how many people are going to attend, you can estimate how much parking you will need. If the venue does not have any parking of its own, or it does not have sufficient parking for that many people, you will have to find and secure that much parking. If possible, talk to parking lots in the area and rent them out completely for the evening with strict instructions to only allow the people on the guest list to park in these locations. Make sure your valets know where to park for the event so that no cars go missing at the end of the evening. 

Hire Event Valet Parking Management

You may be coordinating all of this right now, but you do not want to be the one managing the valets and the parking situation all night. For that, hire a valet parking manager. The valet parking manager keeps track of which valets are parking which cars and secures the keys for every vehicle. If a problem comes up, the parking manager resolves the issue without troubling you with the problem. Make sure to "vet" your parking manager, unless you hire him/her from a temp service that already "vets" employees for you. Contact an event valet parking management company today to learn more.

Decide What to Charge for Valet Parking and Make Sure It Is Known to the Guests

When all of the above "ducks" are in a row, decide what to charge for valet parking for this event. Then be sure to advertise to all of the guests coming to the event that there will be valet parking available and the set price is "X" dollars. Guests can decide for themselves if they will park or have the valets do it.