3 Things You Should Know About The Diesel Particulate Filter On Your Vehicle

1 September 2018
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The diesel particulate filter, or DPF, on your vehicle is a device that is designed to capture soot and ash and to ensure that they don't leave your exhaust and get into the air. A DPF can help remove the vast majority of particles that come out of your exhaust, greatly reducing harmful emissions that leave your vehicle and get into the atmosphere

#1 - DPFs Are Standard in Newer Vehicles

If you have recently purchased a new diesel engine, there is a really good chance that the exhaust system came equipped with a DPF to start with. The nifty thing about a DPF system is that it is actually easy to spot. You or a mechanic can easily look under your vehicle near the exhaust to see if your vehicle is equipped with a DPF system.

If your vehicle is more than a decade old, it may not be equipped with a DPF system since they were not standard a decade ago. Some higher-end older models may have a DPF system in place, or if you have a used car, the previous owner may have installed a DPF system.

#2 - DPF Systems Can Be Installed

If your vehicle doesn't have a DPF system, you can have one installed. This is an easy upgrade to your vehicle. A DPF system can help you pass emissions tests if you live somewhere where you have to have the emission on your vehicle tested. A DPF system not only reduces emissions to the environment, but it can also help your entire exhaust system run smoother.

#3 - DPF Warning Light Means Service Is Needed

If the DPF warning light has come on in your dashboard, that doesn't mean that the system is shot. It just means that the system is in need of a little maintenance and care.

There are sensors inside of the DPF that are connected to the computer system for your vehicle as a whole. These sensors measure both temperature and pressure inside of the DPF system. When something is wrong with either the temperature or the pressure, these sensors will go off, triggering a warning light on your dash. This doesn't mean that you need to worry, just that you need to check out the DPF system. Warning lights are often triggered when the device needs to be cleaned.

Cleaning the system is a manual process. It is done by using special chemicals to clean and remove all the soot and particles in a safe manner that protects the environment and your vehicle at the same time.

A DPF system is installed on diesel vehicles and helps keep harmful soot and chemicals from getting into the atmosphere. It is a self-contained system that takes care of itself for the most part and just needs to be cleaned by a professional on occasion to safely remove the soot and particles that build up in the filter.

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