Two Questions About Auto Brake Problems Answered

10 March 2016
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There are few parts of your car that will play a more important role in keeping you safe than your brakes. However, you might not have much of a working knowledge of auto brakes, which can cause brake problems to seem far more ominous than they need to be. To help you be a better car owner, you should make sure to understand the answers to the following common questions concerning auto brakes.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Stuck Brake?

A stuck brake can be a relatively common problem, and when your vehicle encounters this issue, you may quickly find that it becomes extremely difficult to operate. This occurs because a key symptom of this problem is that the vehicle will suddenly start pulling hard to the side with the stuck brake. Additionally, you will likely notice an extremely loud grinding or squealing sound coming from the car when it is moving. You might also smell a pungent burning odor when the car is in motion due to the extreme friction that the brakes are experiencing. When you notice these issues, you should immediately schedule brace service with a mechanic because this can place you at a far higher risk of being in an accident as well as contributing to further damage to the car.

How Do You Locate A Brake Fluid Leak?

Brake fluid leaks are another issue that might be encountered by your vehicle, and if this issue is not repaired, the vehicle can be extremely hazardous to operate. Without enough fluid, you will find that the car is extremely difficult to stop because the brake fluid is responsible for generating the hydraulic force necessary to slow the vehicle. Luckily, it can be relatively simple for an experienced mechanic to locate a brake leak. This is done by pressurizing the brake fluid system and marking any areas where fresh brake fluid is seen. After the damaged component is located, it will be possible to either patch the leak or replace the entire component.

Brake problems can represent a major safety concern for any driver, and a thorough maintenance regimen is essential for minimizing the risk. However, it is common for people to overlook their brakes until they are encountering problems. By making sure that you understand the signs of a stuck brake as well as when to address leaking brake fluid, you will be able to keep your car in the safest possible operating condition.