5 Signs Your Truck Needs A Transmission Repair

9 February 2016
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Driving a truck has many advantages. You'll be capable of hauling items and getting to your destination with ease. However, over time, you may be faced with some repairs that need to be fixed. The transmission is one component of your vehicle that is used each time your drive it and can wear out over time. By knowing the warning signs that you may be soon faced with a transmission repair, this can alert you to potential problems.

Sign #1: Transmission slipping

If you're driving and the gears in your truck suddenly change without you doing anything, this is called slipping. Transmissions that are getting older commonly do this without any warning.

Sign #2: Slow shifting

It's not uncommon for you to have difficulty shifting gears. You may even hear a clunking noise when you move from one gear to another one. This means that your transmission may be getting ready to cause you problems.

Sign #3: Fluid leak

Do you see spots on the floor of your garage? What about a burning smell when you start your vehicle? Neither one of these is a good sign and could be an indication that your transmission fluid is running low.

Transmission fluid leaks are common and may be due to the hole in your transmission. It's ideal to check the fluid regularly to ensure that it doesn't run too low. If this happens, it could cause your transmission to burn out, and this will lead to an expensive repair.

Sign #4: Whining noise

If you suddenly hear a whining noise when driving your truck, this could be a transmission warning sign. Any noise should be thoroughly investigated by a mechanic because this is a strong indication that you have a problem.

Sign #5: Gears won't change

Gears that won't bulge when you start your car could be a sign of low transmission fluid. The first thing you will want to do is check the level of fluid. This could also be a warning that you need to have the entire unit replaced to be able to drive your truck.

Dealing with any type of vehicle problem can be frustrating and the last thing you'll want to do is be stuck at home. The key staying independent may be based on having a reliable truck. Be sure to contact a mechanic, like Color Country Diesel Inc, in your area if you experience any of the warning signs listed above immediately.