Know When Your Brakes Need To Be Serviced

30 November 2015
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Has it been awhile since having your car's brakes serviced? If it has, and you're not sure if it needs to be serviced again, there are a few ways to know when your brakes are beginning to fail. Rather than wait until major brake complications arise, take matters into your own hands and act quickly when your brake shows signs of failing. Acting quickly will allow you to obtain brake services that will keep issues to a minimum, saving you from the hassle and costly service of major brake repairs. To ensure you take your car in for brake services in the right time, understand and look for signs of the following:

Know When Your Rotors are Warped:

Your brakes rotors are an essential component to your braking system, as these are the components that lock your brakes and slow your vehicle. If your rotors are warped, then your brake pads will have a difficult time connecting to the rotors, which can cause your car to shake, but more importantly prevent your car from slowing efficiently.

Check For Low Brake Pads:

Replacing your brake pads as soon as they begin to show signs that they are low is very important. In time this can prevent damage to your rotors and your brake calipers, which can save you from pricey repairs. Check whether or not your brake pads are low by listening to noises when braking. On most brakes, there are indicator sticks that become exposed once your brakes reach a certain padding level and once this stick is exposed, your brakes will begin to make a loud, grinding noise.

See If Your Brake Fluid is Bad:

Having your brake fluid flushed and replaced regularly is one way to add improvements to your braking system. If your fluid line has bubbles or old fluid inside, then your brake pedal may not respond as quickly as you want it to, which can impact the overall performance of your brake. So, rather than overlook your brake fluid, be sure to have it replaced regularly to enhance your braking system.

Checking for these signs won't only help you know when to service your car's braking system, but it will help you avoid major complications and this can definitely save you money. So, rather than wait until major complications are present, be sure to act quickly by contacting a brake service like Alignment Center if any of these signs are presented.