Bring Your RV Out of Storage and Get It Road Ready

22 June 2015
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As summer gets into full swing, many people are preparing for vacations and traveling. For those who have an RV, this means it's time to get your camper ready for the road. Here is a checklist of all of the things to take note of to be sure that you can safely journey with your RV.

Check the Tires

Not only should you ensure that your tires have plenty of air and don't leak, you should also take a close look at the tread and the overall wear and tear on the tires. If they appear worn or even have a slow leak, it's best to get some new tires.

Check the Fluids

When you winterized your RV, you likely added a special type of marine antifreeze in the plumbing to keep your radiator from busting or becoming damaged during freezing temperatures. Now it's time to empty out the antifreeze, clean out the black water tank, and clean and check the fresh water holding tank as well.

Check the Filters and Pumps

Look over the water filters and water pump carefully. Most RV systems run with a pressurized system to give you water on demand. You need to make sure that the pump works and that you can get clean water through your faucets again.

Double check that all of the plumbing lines and tubing is intact and without cracks or loose fastenings.

Check the Roof

Even if your RV was in storage all winter, the roof is usually the weakest spot of any camper. Campers are designed for movement, so they are strongest toward the bottom where they'll be closer to the road and tend to have weak spots where the roof components connect. Get up on the roof (carefully) and check it for any cracks or leaks. Look inside at the ceiling carefully to take note of any moisture.

If you spot even the slightest sign of weathering on your roof, you need to use a roofing sealant appropriate for the type of roof you have on your RV. Most products will specify whether it is to be used on metal, rubber, or fiberglass.

These tips are crucial to ensure that you will spot any maintenance requirements before heading out on the road. While you don't need to give your RV a complete overhaul every summer, you do want to at least look at it from top to bottom and check all of the operating systems. This will help you enjoy your journeys in comfort! If you have more questions or concerns about your RV, consider speaking with a representative from Orangewood RV Center.