Three Questions About Replacing A Broken Windshield

11 May 2015
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Accidents do happen, and it's possible you will experience a crack in your car's windshield at some point. Many people avoid having their windshield repaired or replaced because they are unsure of what the process involves. Not only is a cracked windshield a safety concern, but delaying the repair could make the problem worse. Here are 3 questions you may have about your broken windshield.

Will I Need To Replace My Entire Windshield?

If you catch a problem early enough, it's possible that the windshield will only need to be repaired. This is much cheaper than outright replacement, but it depends on the kind of damage the windshield sustained and how long you waited.

Small divots and cracks are easy to repair when they are small, and ignoring the problem can cause them to get much bigger over time. Water can get between the layers of glass and freeze, you may drive down a bumpy road that causes additional vibrations to the glass, or the hot rays of the sun can cause the glass to expand and make the crack worse.

Cracks that extend to the edge of the glass typically require a windshield replacement due to the stability of the glass being compromised, while damage in the middle of the glass is easier to repair.

Will A Brand New Windshield Leak?

There is a misconception that a new windshield won't fit a car as well as the old one, which can cause water to leak through during rainstorms. It will run the risk of ruining your car's interior, causing a substantial amount of damage. This is simply not true.

A new windshield is custom cut to match the shape of your old windshield. Weather stripping is also used along the side to prevent any water from getting into your car. These two steps will help make sure that everything stays dry with a brand new windshield in place.

Will It Take A Long Time To Replace A Windshield?

Everyone needs their car to get to work, run errands, or pick up their kids from school. If a repair needs to be done, there needs to be minimal downtime.

Replacing a broken windshield will not take long at all. It may take a while to order a new custom cut piece of glass for your car, but the installation is quick. The longest part is waiting for the glue to dry around the edge of the glass, but you'll be back on the road the very same day to take your car in for repair.

Now that you know the truth to these three questions about broken windshields, you won't delay in getting it repaired (at shops like Cambridge Collision & Auto Center).