Four Nifty Features In Your Car That You Probably Did Not Know About

20 March 2015
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Whether you drive a brand-new, fuel-efficient car or a well-used, gas-guzzling jalopy, there may be a few secrets about your favorite ride that you simply don't know about. Car manufacturers often incorporate handy features into the car's design but these details are not exciting enough to make the television commercials. In most cases, the dealers themselves are unaware of these convenient little niceties.

1. Easy Fill Up

If you belong to a family with more than one car, or are borrowing a vehicle from a friend[,] you may have trouble remembering which side the gas tank is on. Well there is no longer need for an embarrassing back up at the gas station, simply look on the dashboard. Most newer model cars have an arrow on the gas gauge that points to the side that the tank is on. For older vehicles, look at the picture of the gas pump on the dash. The side of the picture that shows the nozzle is usually the side the gas tank is on.

2. Extra Car Upholstery

There are still a few smokers left in the country and they are still putting holes in their car's upholstery. Well, with this tip you can save yourself from having to buy costly upholstery kits that never really match anyway. Look under your car's front seats. More often or not, extra upholstery has been tucked away underneath during manufacturing. There is not enough to redo a whole seat but there is certainly enough to fix a cigarette burn or small tear.

3. Additional Outlets

Many people have driven these practical vehicles for years without realizing there is a second and occasionally a third outlet in the back seats. This comes in super handy for charging devices for the kids and running video players on long trips. These outlets are often hidden near the cup-holders or in the molding between the seats.

4. Turn Signal Tips

Chances are you do not perform a circle check of your vehicle before you get in it. That's okay because your car will often let you know if something is amiss, and your blinkers are no exception. If you notice your that your direction indicator lights and accompanying click noise in the car are faster than usual, chances are you have a turn signal out or one that is about to go out.

There may also be other hidden secrets in your automobile. Whatever your car's make, talk with a Ford, Volkswagen, or Toyota repair shop and get out your owners' manual and go through your vehicle from top to bottom—you may be surprised at what lies within.