Learn How Tire Plugs Are Used To Repair Tires

14 March 2015
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Getting a flat tire on your way to work can be quite a hassle. Driving around long distances on a spare tire is not safe, so it is important to replace or repair your damaged tire as soon as possible. If a nail is stuck in your tire, you can have a plug placed in the tire make it usable again. There are mobile car repair businesses that can come to your work and repair the tire while you are working so that you do not have to ride home on your spare. The following guide will teach you how a plug is placed in a tire so that you can rest assured it is a safe option for you.

Identify the Problem

The first thing the repair person will do is assess the damage to the tire. He or she will want to make sure that there is only one nail in your tire and mark its location so that it can easily be found after the nail is removed.

Remove the Nail

Next the repair person will remove the nail from the tire. When removing the nail, he or she must guide the nail straight out of the tire to ensure that no additional damage is done to it. A pair of pliers will more than likely be the tool that the repair person uses to remove the nail simply because it is the easiest and most effective option.

Prepare the Hole

Next, the person will use a small file to file the inside of the hole. The hole will have a smooth finish which will not grip the plug well. Boring out the hole and filing the edges makes the process easier because the plug will not simply slip through the hole.

Plug the Hole

The repair person will then plug the hole with the plug. The plug will be pushed directly into the hole with a special tool the person will have. The plug is not pushed all the way through the hole though. A portion of the plug will be left outside of the hole and the person will then trim it so that it is flush with the edge of the tire.

Your tire will now be plugged and fully repaired. The person will put air in your tire to ensure that it is filled properly and then place it back on your car for you. The cost to have the tire plugged will be far less than you would pay to replace the tire making it a great investment to consider. To learn more about tire repair, visit C L Enterprises