Roadside Help When You Need It Most

10 March 2015
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While most major insurance carriers offer roadside assistance as an optional extra on their plans, most people aren't really sure what it provides for. The type of help included in these programs can end up saving you hundreds of dollars, sometimes in just one call, so it's entirely worth having on your insurance plan. However, unless you're familiar with what's offered, you could end up spending quite a lot on services you'd otherwise get for free.

Minor Crises

Not every call you make for roadside assistance is going to be a life altering emergency, but that doesn't mean they're any less important to you. Locking yourself out of your car or finding that your battery is dead can ruin your plans, but they're not going to ruin your vehicle's performance. Even so, rather than hoping for a friend to be nearby, or to somehow jimmy open a lock, it's a lot easier to simply call your roadside assistance number for help.

In most cases, you can simply provide the address of where you're located and a professional will arrive as quickly as possible. If you provide your phone number, they'll even contact you when they've been dispatched by the provider and give you an estimated time of arrival. This is especially convenient if you're alone or on an unfamiliar stretch of highway when something goes wrong.

Critical Aid

Accidents happen, and sometimes those accidents require your car to be hauled away by a tow truck. Whether this is a simple breakdown, a total blow out of a tire or something far more serious, getting your vehicle to a qualified mechanic is a whole lot less stressful when you don't have to also pay for the tow service. Thankfully, most roadside assistance programs offer this, no matter where you are or the time of day.

Be aware though, tow service of this type is often only provided if it is unrelated to a collision or other insurance claim. In that case, the cost of the tow truck will normally be included as part of your insurance claim rather than as a free service provided by your roadside assistance plan.

Get the full details on your roadside assistance plan by contacting your insurance provider. You might be surprised at all that you have access to for just a few extra dollars on your premium each month. If you don't already have roadside assistance included in your insurance plan, you can shop around to a number of different third party providers to find a combination of services that suit your needs. Contact a company like Ruhls Diesel Repair for more information.